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Terms & Conditions



Before we enjoy our time together, I have a few guidelines that will ensure our time goes smoothly and very satisfying. Please take a look at vey guidelines below to see what I require from my clients. Let's do this right and create many memorable  experiences.


All the photos on this website are mine, are taken recently and I look exactly like on the photos. I respect your time and expect the same in return. The website is completely genuine as are all of the pictures displayed on it. All of the images are an accurate representation of myself. So you have absolutely no need to worry, if you like me on the photos you won't be disappointed meeting me in real.





I will never share your personal information with anyone, and I strongly ask you to do the same. In case we meet at my private apartment I guarantee the full discretion. In case I come to your hotel I always dress properly and behave properly and no one will notice me. During our meeting if needed I can be very silent.




   I am always punctual, and will reach your desired location at least 5 minutes of the scheduled time and ask that you do the same. If you cancel within 3  hours of our appointment more than once all other appointments will be prepaid and in case of no-show or cancelation (early or late) you deposit will not be refunded. Please if you are going to be late(more that 10 min from our agreed time)  please let me know and also note that I may not be able to accommodate you beyond our agreed time. If you don't inform me and you are late more than 1 hour more than twice, all the next meetings will be prepaid and in case of no-show during the 1 hour of the scheduled time the deposit will not be refunded.  If you are late and inform me in advance and we change the time of our meeting and you are late again (more than 1 hour) all the next meetings will be prepaid.



Please take an appointment 24 hours in advance (recommended). thus, I could arrange my time and be prepared for out date.

You can also inform me 1 or 2 hours in advance, in this case we can meet if I will have such an opportunity.

You also have an option to come without the appointment. in This case write me in WhatsApp or call me when you are in front of the Trade Centre and if I am available we can meet. 





Terms & Conditions


It is my preference to use WhatsApp as a primary method to communicate with you. I lead a full, professional life. Therefore, I won't always be available to answer your inquiries as soon as you submit them. I ask for your patience and understanding as I make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner. Before contacting me, please, be sure that you have read all the pages of my site.


All the information about photos, prices, services, location, working hours is provided on this website. If you send me a message in WhatsApp kindly provide all the necessary information (desirable date and time or the meeting, duration, location (at my place or at yours), kind of activity (if you want a romantic date or just a daywalk or a video call).


After submitting your request for an appointment, I will send you a message in WhatsApp with the confirmation of your booked appointment  (if I will not be able to meet you at your desirable day and time I will offer you other nearest available dates and hours for your date). 


Theoretically I am available 24/7 (24 hours 7 days a week). Of course I have my personal things to do (going to the gym, spa, massage, beach, restaurant, shopping, education). For this reason I always ask to take an appointment in advance to be sure we can meet at your desirable time. I will try to adjust my schedule to be able to meet you. 


Sometimes our time together passes all too quickly and you find yourself craving more of my affection... naturally! I will always do my best to accommodate such request and fulfilled your desires. However, this may not always be possible, which is why I encourage longer bookings. Please be aware of my fully transparent rates and make necessary payment at the start of the extended period, in cash (in virtue of being unable to receive same day bank transfers), so that we can continue to enjoy our time together uninterrupted.


I dress in an elegant feminine manner but also try to blend in. I wear delicate jewellery, tasteful designer high heels and smart-casual clothing with Italian lingerie worn underneath. I am well groomed, wear light perfume (noting  that will transfer to your closing) and apply a little make-up. I wear my hair in natural waves or straitened and carry an elegant handbag. I also have no tattoos or body piercings except for my ears. I am a non-smoker and minimal drinker and speak in low quiet voice, so nothing will be overheard. I practice discretion wherever we go and ask that you do, too.


Sometimes you may have special inquiries. In this case inform me about it when you take an appointment in WhatsApp. Describe me what you want to do and I will confirm if it is possible or not.


In no case is possible hurting me too much when I feel pain (I don't like to feel pain). For example I can act like your slave but it will be just a role-play not serious. You can spank me or pull my hair, but not hard. try not to bite my clitoris. very hard because it hurts, just caress your tongue.


I can not afford  to leave bruises on my body, suctions, scratches, piles, or anything else that can be seen on my body after our meeting. 

I do not kiss or make love in public places where other people could see us. We can make love outside but only in an abandoned place or crowded free place (somewhere in the forest or near the lake where no one can pass by and see us)

I cant make a gang bang and make love with more than 2 men at the same time. There is no service of double penetration. If it is trio or couple I can not invite you at my apartment for security reasons. we can meet at your place or at the hotel.

If you want to make love with 2 girls you should find the second girl yourself. I do not have friends among girls.

Yes I can be your slave but only as a role-play without hurting me for real.

Yes I can wear uniforms.

Yes I can dominate and yes I have an experience.

No I don't make free video calls. if someone want to make a video call he can make a donation and after I will have received it we can make a video call.

No I don't chat in WhatsApp for free. If you want a service of erotic chat or informative chat you can make a donation and after I will have received it we can start to chat. I receive messages in WhatsAp with inquiries for appointments and confirm them. If you have any question the answer on which is not mentioned on my website you can ask me in WhatsApp but before check carefully all the pages of my website to be sure that there is really information you are looking for. Questions like : where are you from, how old are you, where are you located, what are your prices and services, do you do this or that will not be answered in free chat (only after donations) because all this information is  already provided for you on my website, you just need to open the need section (prices, services, location, about me) and read it all carefully. 

I do not answer calls from hidden numbers for security reasons.

Gifts and tips are welcome and can be additional to donations but in no case donations can be replaced by gifts or tips. Gifts tips or donations once received can never be asked to be returned or refunded. All the gifts, tips or donations are made voluntarily and may not be refunded.

I do not send my photos or videos in free chat in WhatsApp. I do not sell pornograhic photos or videos of me when I am making love. If you want to see my erotic photos and videos you can subscribe to my page onlyfans. (paid subscription).

Any recordings during our meeting are prohibited. You cant shoot me, record video or make photos of me or of us.

I am an INDEPENDENT ESCORT. I do not pay any commissions anyone, no one represents me, I do not have a manager. I do not work in an escort agency. All negotiations with clients I hold myself.

Any service is provided only are the donation is received by me. I do not provide services for free or in debt.


There are no discounts. Tips are welcomed.

Please do not write me in WhatsApp asking to provide you "twice more time for twice less price". If you want to pay less you stay less time or receive less services.


With regard to patronage, it is expected that you are fully aware and familiar with the rate structure. Donation can be made by cash or you can make donation on my website using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard. donations in Cash are accepted in Euro, CHF, GBP, USD. On the website you can pay in any currency and it will automatically exchange it to euro with commission.  If you make donations in cash in any other currencies except euro the amount  is calculated according to the official rate on the date of the donation. 

I do not accept BIZUM mobile transfer in security reasons. 

If you are making donation in cash please be sure that these cash is not counterfeit. 

Banknotes of 500 euro are not accepted. it is recommended to use the banknotes of 50, 100,200 euro.

Any other electronic payments (like Bitcoin) must be requested in advance of our meeting and will be accepted at my discretion. If we are meeting at a place of your choice I ask that you put the whole amount without an exchange in an unsealed envelope in plain sight. In public settings I ask that the envelope is placed in a gift bag or greeting card and presented to me within the first 10 minutes of our date. I ask you to have the full amount for our schedule appointment waiting upon my arrival to avoid any misunderstandings or inconvenience. I will not discuss any negotiation of rates at any time by email, WhatsApp or in person.

If you make donation in cash lease give me the whole amount at the first minute that we meet at my apartment, or your acomodation or at the hotel and only after we can start our intimate relations.

If you make a donation not in a public place and you need an exchange you can inform me about it in advance and I will prepare he exchange.

Upscale gentlemen don't need to be reminded about fees. Please check all the prices before our meeting and be prepared. 


Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be for or compensated for in any manner. 



(There is no refund even if: you didn't like anything, you used less services, you spent less time, you received a call and must go right now, you changed your mind, you didn't get what you were expecting, you didn't read the terms and conditions and expected to receive a service which I do not provide, you expected to receive a discount or under any other circumstances).


Terms and Conditions



Outcall is possible to private apartments, flats, villas, country houses, hotels. If you have any issue, I can book a hotel for us, however it has to be paid in advance by you. If you want to invite me to your place please take an appointment in advance and take into account the time that I need to get to your place and to prepare myself. It is recommended to take an appointment at least 6 hours in advance (may be less but not less than at least the travel time.

I do not require your full real name, I respect your discretion. But I steel need your contact number, your WhatsApp number, your location in real time, the full dress (name of the street, number of apartment or hotel room, the name of the hotel).

Please confirm your reservation at least 3 hours prior to our booking so I may call you at the room. Without this procedure outcall is impossible . Overnights and longer meetings include at least 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep at night.

On multiple day trips I ask that we both take a few hours alone to ourselves each daily.

All outcalls attract an additional cost of taxi, with a 20 € minimum charge. The exact amount will be given at the time of your booking.




I am available for private travelling. If you are interested in booking a FLY ME TO YOU DATE I will politely request that you provide all the needed information about yourself and the place of our stay. Extra  costs that may occur, such as admissions or air tickets are not included in the rates. I will require 100% of the travel costs upfront. A deposit of 50% of my booking fee in order to reserve the time we will spend together. Minimum travel booking is 12 hours.


Deposit is not required for bookings for less than 6 hours. a deposit 20% is requires to confirm encounters starting from 6 hours and 50% for FLY ME TO YOU DATES. Regrettably, deposits are non-refundable, but they can be put towards a rescheduled date if you cancel 24h in advance.


I understand that circumstances can change and you may need to cancel our date. However please do be considerate of my time as I am always considerate of yours. If you cancel 6 hours in advance we can reschedule our meeting (not more than 3 times). if you paid the deposit it will be rescheduled for our next meeting (in case you cancel our meetings 3 times this deposit will not be refunded and could not be transferred to new appointments). To reschedule a date please contact me in WhatsApp at least 6 hours before our meeting. However if you had an appointment for longer than 6 hours and you made a deposit and then cancel in less than 6 hours in advance then I am afraid you will forfeit your deposit.

In case of short bookings (less than 6 hours) you do not need a deposit to make a booking, thus you loose nothing if you cancel our meeting in less than 6 hours. We can easily reschedule it. In case we reschedule our meeting 3 times and you cancel it 3 times for all the next bookings a 20% deposit will be required. 


I have the highest respect for my body and personal health and will only meet with clients who are free of diseases. when taking an appointment you agree that you have no diseases. In other case do not take an appointment to meet me in person and use services online like erotic video call. 

I understand that some people enjoy the use of drugs and alcohol, however, I prefer not to use drugs and I am a social drinker (I drink only as a company and a bit). Even if I don't use drugs and alcohol you can use it at your place to at my place. I do not sell drugs or alcohol, so you can bring all you need with you  (in case it is in small amounts  I always have for us some beer, red and white wine, sparkling wine, water, juices, cola, martini, whisky, ice). I have no drugs and I don't sell drugs and I don't organise buying drugs neither I have contacts of drug dealers. if you want to use drugs you should organise where to get it yourself.  

I would ask you to control your drugs or alcohol consumption so we can have a genuine good time. in case you will be to drunk or overdosed by drugs and you will behave yourself inadequately I have a right to end the appointment without refund. When you take an appointment you agree with this terms and conditions. 


please don't share with me your intimate photos or information in a free chat. You can make donations for an erotic chat and there I will see your erotic photos and we will chat or talk about your desires. In free chat I only schedule the appointments.


Gifts are never expected but will make me blush and smile in thanks. What girl doesn't love BerkshireB? However, if you would like to get me something really special you can check my Wishlist in the section "ABOUT ME".


To meet me please send me a message in WhatsApp at my number +34 621 061 423 and include the following: your desired type of service and desired duration, where you found my ad (in case it is an appointment for an outcall please provide all needed information about the place and location). Note that: A 20% deposit may be required for outcalls to confirm the appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: IF SOMEONE CONTACTS ME FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE OTHER THAN TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT (AFTER I HAVE PROVIDED YOU ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT ME ON THIS WEBSITE) LIKE INFORMATION REQUEST, VAGUE INQUIRIES,  ABUSIVE OR EXPLICIT MESSAGES, SELLING,MARKETING RESEARCH REQUESTS, ASKING ME ABOUT THE SAME THINGS THAT ARE INDICATED ON MY WEBSITE,(IF SOMEONE DOESN'T WANT TO READ WHAT IS WRITTEN ON MY WEBSITE AND ASKS TO TELL HIM THE SAME BUT IN PRIVATE MESSAGES) I can offer to donate to start a private chat. In case a person doesnt want to switch from free chat  to private chat and continues to send me inapropriate messages such messages may not be answered and the phone number may be blocked. For any  special enquiries please make a donation and proceed to a private chat where I could discuss with you our issue and answer all your questions calmly.