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From 1 hour for express meeting to 1 month of a real girlfriend experience. Enjoy it! I am very passionate, kind, sexy, beautiful, charismatic, friendly. I can make all your dreams come true. I can feel you when you are with me and I can give you what you want and do what you want. I want to share my emotions with you. Contact me to arrange a meeting.

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Dinner Date

Will it be a dinner date or a day walk - I enjoy everything. We can talk about everything, spend good time together, enjoy a company of each other. I can be your partner, friend, companion, girlfriend. We can go for a walk or on the beach, we can have breakfast together in the morning or do sports together. I can be your soulmate. Invite me on a date to know me better. 


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  • If you invite me on a dinner date, we can meet, talk without any romantic relations (no kisses, no touching ,nothing intimate). If you want intimate romantic relations please invite me as an Escort Companion.

  • Time starts when we meet and we can be together until we have time.

  • I would appreciate you if you could pick meep and bring me back  if it is a outcall (when we meet at your placer or at some place where I need to get to). Otherwise taxi costs are extra costs that are on you so that I could get to the meeting point and be able to get safe home.

  • I recommend to organise time properly to avoid being late. When calculating the time take into account time that you need to get to the place, traffic jams, parking time. 

  • If someone takes an appointment and don't come at the time of the appointment, and don't cancel it at least 2-3 hours in advance, and it happens several times, I may not be able to attend or provide any services to this person in the future.

  • I respect time of every and each person and I ask everyone to respect my time. Please contact me only if you are sure that you really want to meet me, that you really have time to spend it with me.  If someone writes me several times, asks questions and then don't take an appointment (writes just to inform or to get more information) have an option to schedule a date with me for 30 min or for 1 hour In WhatsApp.  And at this time I will answer all the questions. If someone doesn't want to take an appointment for a chat date and continues chat  and ask the same questions, answers on which are already indicated on my website , may not be attended in the future or even blocked for spam. Please write me only if you really want and can arrange a meeting with me or if  you have questions answers on which are not indicated on this website.

  • You can tell me your preferences and I will try to be prepared as you want me to be (hairstyle straight or curly or pony tale), dress or skirtcolor and type of lingerie , high heels or sneakers. (preferable 1 day in advance)

  • I appreciate if a real gentlemen could inform me about our meeting at least 24 hours in advance so that I could organise my time and be prepared for your meeting.

  • Sometimes may happen that a person tries to cheat me or lie to me or abuse my time. I believe that you are a real gentleman and you will never do such things to me.

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  • If you take an appointment and you can't come for some reasons please inform me and cancel your appointment so that we could arrange another day and time.

  • Please check carefully all the services listed below. I can only provide you services that are listed below and on the terms specified and listed below. 

  • Before meeting me please check the size of your genitals. We can make love only if the circumference of your genitals (penis) is less or equals 13 centimetres in circumference. (Length doesn't matter). If your genitals don't fit the requirements and are too big we still can enjoy the time just without penetration.

  • I do not sell drugs or use any time of drugs. If you want you can bring what you have and use what you have. I can make you a good company and without using any stuff. I am always passionate, I like to talk, I am opened to new experience, I can be your lover, friend or companion and without any drugs.

  • We are together to enjoy time so please just try not to hurt me fiscally.  I understand that when we are in passion sometimes it is hard to control everything. Just try not to bite me too hard, leave bruises, suctions, pull hair too hard, grab or squeeze my arms or legs tightly because it can leave bruises on my skin and it is not beautiful.

  • We respect  health of each other so try to look after the condom to be sure that it is on the right place,it is not torned or broken and that our health is protected.

  • Please take an appointment only when you are sure that you can meet me to avoid cancelation of the appointment. Every cancelation of the appointment is a waste of time so please respect my time as I respect yours. 



  • Massage

  • (I am a professional licensed massagist)

  • Erotic massage

  • Prostatic massage 

  • I can be your companion in your foreign business travels and can come to you if you are in another country or city (from 2 days)

  • You can invite me for 1 night in a hotel (22:00-06:00) 8 hours 

  • 1 night in a hotel with dinner and breakfast (20:00-10:00) 12 hours

  • Or you can spend 1 full day with me (24 h)

  • I can even be your girlfriend for the whole month (720 hours in 30 days).

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  • Chat in WhatsApp 30 min (from 1 min up to 30 min)

  • Meeting in person (from1 hour)

  • Erotic chat in WhatsApp or eerotic Video Call 30 min (from 1 min up to 30 min)

  • Going out to a restaurant for a breakfast, supper, dinner.

  • Go out together for a walk along the embarkment or in some park

  • Go to the beach

  • Go out to the cinema, theatre, opera, business meetings, family meetings, weddings.

  • Chat with girlfriend 1 month (15 min a day, 30 days in 1 month, 450 min totally)

  • Practice yoga together.

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